Arm Your Fleet for Maximum Efficiency & Resilience with ARMOR!
An Effective Asset Management Solution to Make Your Assets SMART.
ARMOR Fleet Management is a revolutionary IoT and Data Analytics management system designed to leverage industry automation to provide valuable operational insights into your devices. ARMOR can intelligently assist you in asset locating, usage patterns, charge patterns, maintenance requirements, reallocation and much more!
ARMOR will do the heavy lifting for your fleet providing you with tactical information to focus on and cut through the data “white noise”.
Secure, locate, maintain, and optimize the operational performance of your assets with ARMOR!
Our Solutions and
Integrations Provide
Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to ARMOR - its simple setup allows you to maximize fleet efficiency. Easily install the device to track geolocation, get up-to-date battery age and charge levels, and enjoy reliable signal strength.
Reliable Reports
& Analysis
Manage your fleet smarter and faster with ARMOR's Analysis feature! See results quickly with red, yellow, and green tracks, geolocation support, and reliable history. Utilize the battery's maximum capacity.
Data-driven decisions can be made with customized reports, API integrations, automated insights, and alerts. With ARMOR, business managers can access real-time analytics and insights to ensure they are always in control.
Take your operational costs down and productivity up! Highly customizable reporting and dashboards provide verified usage data and advanced data analysis for any DC-powered device.
Our Industries
ARMOR Fleet Management has solutions that are tailored to specific industry specifications. These tailored solutions utilize data analysis and custom reporting metrics that are industry requested, and tested in the field. Each solution utilizes customer feedback to exceed industry requirements and deliver optimal results to operations and staff.
  • Floorcare
  • Healthcare
  • Lawncare
  • Construction
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Our Solutions
ARMOR solutions provide deep data driven insight into your assets. These insights provide customers with robust web reporting, targeted daily email reporting, and actionable information on remediation steps to be performed. Utilize this valuable feedback to ensure optimal performance and reduce downtime.
  • Data Analytics
  • Advanced Web Reporting
  • Email Reports