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Solutions we Provide
Data Analysis
ARMOR devices securely send us data on specific triggers 24x7. Once we receive the data it is formatted, manipulated and injected into our database for modeling and analysis. Relevant data is then presented to our applications based on asset type, industry, customized maintenance rules and alert patterns.
Advanced Web Reporting
Fleet data is aggregated into customizable reports and dashboards that are industry driven to showcase relevant metrics on operations. Through these reports and dashboard personnel can maintain all assets through customizable KPI’s. One size doesn’t fit all, and customization is where reports start to provide truly valuable, actionable information.
Data Analysis
Email reporting and alerting is a central mechanism used to notify specific teams or personnel on High Priority events or Daily Overview of your fleets KPI’s. Using these reports daily for an at-a-glance review, helps reduce unexpected issues throughout the day.
Remediation Process
Remediation processes allow ARMOR to “take action” on alerts that are configured. An example remediation process would be to schedule a service ticket on usage hours, or place a consumable part order. By leveraging our automated remediation processes humans reduce the amount of labor involved in maintaining the fleet while reducing downtime of equipment.
Customer Support
Customer Support is provided by a range of services to assist customers in the optimal use of our product. They include assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, and maintenance. From walk-through support docs, custom videos, email, and has your back!
Manufacturer Integrations
ARMOR works with leading manufacturer on integration of the ARMOR product directly built into their devices. This allows all types of machines to become SMART capable. Through our manufacturer integrations customers can enable the ARMOR features with zero hassle of installation! If you would like to see ARMOR integrated in a specific device, let us know!
ARMOR is One of the leading IOT solutions providing...
  • Unprecedented fleet visibility to understand when employees and equipment are under or over utilized
  • Proactive maintenance routines to help reduce equipment downtime due to unexpected failures
  • Improve maintenance of existing equipment to delay future equipment purchases
  • Verified productivity improvement, labor savings and capital investments
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Our product features include
  • Detailed tracking with web-based dashboard interface
  • Dedicated secure cellular connection for data transmission
  • Geolocation supported by on-board GPS module
  • Patented add-on sensors for monitoring charge information or AC power signals.
  • Simple installation, big results at a fraction of competitor pricing
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