Our Story
ARMOR™ fleet management started in the year 2000 when Bruce Bushert’s company USA-CLEAN pivoted from cleaning retail stores to fixing floor machines. Bruce dreamt of becoming the biggest floor machine repair company in America and knew he needed to manage information and logistics to do it. ARMOR was invented to manage these assets with an asset central database. ARMOR Devices were invented in 2011 to track machine run time and dubbed the IoT launch before IoT was a mainstream topic.
Our Vision
The future of fleet management will not be Human Vs. Machine; it will be humans empowered by Machines. Our vision is to be central in the IoT revolution that will be as disruptively transformative as the internet itself was. We believe we can help make everyone’s lives more empowered.
The Market
There are 32.5 million businesses with an estimated 16/each for 520m target “vehicles” and 137 million homes with an estimated 8/each for 1.1b target “vehicles” totaling 1.6 billion machines. We plan to keep expanding our tracking of tucks, generators, mini-bikes, fork trucks, cars, boats, lithium batteries to their EPA recycler, scissor lifts, … the market is estimated to generate $4t to $11t in 2025!
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Invention of ARMOR
On April 27th, 2011 ARMOR (or its predecessor, BattSaver) was invented in the parking lot of NSS Manufacturing in Toledo, OH. Bruce Bushert and Steve Worrall Had a few minutes in the parking lot before making a sales call. Bruce said, “we are going to solve the battery watering issue right now. With a little thought, thinking of the Low Oil alarm/light/shut down systems Bruce drove to find a simple way to alert users of maintenance Intervals. The key, invented at this point, was the “Amp Clamp” idea To measure run time which would let a user know when it was 100hrs use and time for service
Bruce sold USA-CLEAN, Inc to Jon Don in December 31, 2021 and spun out ARMOR Technologies to allow him to obsess upon his technology passion.
Our Leaders
Bruce Bushert
Founder and President
Bruce has always been a “Market Needs” driven entrepreneur listening to machine owners challenges across America. Bruce created the simplification of floor machine repairs across America in complex corporate environments making it easy to fix a $200 vacuum in Alaska to fixing a complicated $60,000 cleaning robot that scans shelves in retail stores. Bruce’s dream is to expand the empowerment of humans connected to machines.
Dawn Gates
Dawn was responsible for helping USA-CLEAN turn up profit from single digit EBITDA to double digit EBITDA that eventually allowed the sale of USA-CLEAN to Jon Don. Dawn’s hard work set the stage for Bruce’s new dream of total Focus on Technology over Brick-n-Mortar to come true.
Troy Rodrigues
Troy worked with USA-CLEAN’s technology infrastructure before joining in January of 2021 with the plans of transitioning fully to ARMOR Technologies. The bridge from USA-CLEAN to ARMOR is incredibly important as USA-CLEAN is ARMOR Value Added Reseller utilizing its 600 technicians for hands on support. Troy’s expansive experience in technology and running business makes him the perfect serial entrepreneur as we build and scale our newly fueled business launch!
Keith Bunch
Sales and Service Support
Keith has been working with floor machines, ARMOR and Bruce’s businesses for 14 years. Keith has an incredible ability to fix, teach and most of all service, support and inspire our customers and partners. Keith will be central in new application startups and supporting our ever-changing business needs.
Our Business Philosophy
We believe in a small and highly committed team can harness the power of partners and teams to achieve big things. We believe in obsessing on customers while treating our employees and partners as family. As USA-CLEAN won the #1 position in America through 1099 contractors, we believe in being the same Asset Light corporation that achieves the same. We have a few more “Seats on the Bus” at ARMOR, but plan to cap “Founders” at 10. We have 4 on the bus today.
Our Partners
We have hundreds of partners ranging from legal, to engineering, to manufacturing, to distribution, to service, to technology۔ Our partners are part of our team.
Is our 70-person engineering firm our of Indianapolis. Indesign is our hardware design firm for mechanical, electrical, firmware and application needs. Indesign brings decades of experience and the powerful collaboration of ongoing engagements in our real world chase to solve machine learning.
Verizon has been a partner for many years, allowing ARMOR devices to communicate “off network” from our clients systems. This allows easy deployment and security free data exchanges. Our CAT M1 channel allows for long range data transfer over our secure connections that allow connectivity in places cell conversations fail. Verizon has been a powerful platform for our infrastructure.
USA-CLEAN is the distribution and service to our floor cleaning industry. USA-CLEAN and Jon Don have hundreds of employees, distribution stores across America, and 600 technicians that touch 90% of the population within a single trip charge. USA-CLEAN is a powerful partner that we know very well.
International Control Systems
We have our products manufactured right here close to home by ICS. ICS has been a longstanding partner that has brought insights in to PCB and Devices constructions as we have grown form the Battery Saver (LCD Screen to IVR data in) to ARMOR 1 (2g, 3g CDMA network) to ARMOR 2 (4g LTE) to ARMOR 2+ (much more electronics on board) to ARMOR 4 (everything we have learned packed into a nice, small case that costs less and does more!)