Our Mission
Our mission is to organize, optimize and harmonize equipment into an improved human experience - Bruce Bushert
By analyzing machine and human processes, enabling automation, and delivering actionable insights, our objective is to support teams working on maintenance, repair, operations and procurement. Armor's unification of assets, people, and processes makes it easier for front-line employees to do their jobs and increases efficiency in businesses that rely heavily on assets.
Analyze machine & human processes
Engage with front-line operators, repair technicians and organization leaders to ascertain optimal usage patterns and maintenance schedules.
Enable automation
Achieve automation of key decision insights, daily actionable reports, consumable part orders, and maintenance tickets. Further this automation with custom integrations into customer LoB applications.
Deliver actionable insights
Determine if your machine is over or under utilized, over-allocation of assets per site, maintenance is due, parts need ordered, batteries are not charging properly, and stolen property location.
Achieve harmony!
Eliminate the guess work in asset communications by having ARMOR be the interpreter. ARMOR can be the voice to let humans know what, why, and where action is needed to enable simple operational uptime.
Labor Saving
Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.
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Reduce Operational Cost
Reduce operational costs or increase productivity with verified usage data on any DC powered device
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Advanced Data Analysis for Automated Insights and Alerts API integrations with Internal or LoB applications
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