Focused Industries
With its innovative IoT technology, ARMOR provides the ultimate fleet management device, allowing you to monitor, track and manage the performance of your floorcare machinery. It means you can streamline and optimize your operations, saving time and money. Let ARMOR help you keep your floors clean and shining with a more innovative, efficient approach to fleet management.
Track large retail scrubber or robot usage trends
Track the square footage of cleaned areas
Track charge patterns, consumables and maintenance
ARMOR is on thousands of floor scrubbers tracking run and charge times to allow facility managers the ability to manage their cleaning team’s focus, charge habits and battery watering. Watering wet batteries is critical to their life and we have seen customers extend their batter life by 2x.
From tracking inventory and usage to ensuring quality and compliance, ARMOR is a secure and powerful tool for healthcare facilities to stay ahead of the curve. Its fast, cloud-based platform makes it easy to remotely monitor facility devices and equipment, ensuring that healthcare facilities get the most out of their investment. With ARMOR, hospitals can keep their equipment running smoothly and efficiently.
Track your facility maintenance and cleaning equipment
Track your high value hospital beds
Track room usage for cleaning parameters
Healthcare campuses have many buildings and floors all needing cleaning attention. ARMOR is in hundreds of hospitals helping keep track of what buildings the equipment is in and that the cleaning crews clean all target areas. For example, did the cafeteria get cleaned last night?
ARMOR provides data on the performance of your fleet and increases safety and efficiency by allowing you to monitor your equipment metrics remotely. With ARMOR, you can track location, charge, and usage patterns, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize the performance of your powerlifting equipment. Get ahead of the game with ARMOR and unlock the full potential of your powerlifting equipment.
Track your forklift or electric stacker usage trends
Track charge patterns to maintain battery performance
Track location and maintenance metrics to maintain uptime
ARMOR is beginning to be utilized more in fork trucks, scissor lifts, walkie stackers, and power lifts. Identify redundant equipment, maintenance intervals and predictive failures.
ARMOR is a telematic device that combines loT technology with lawn care to provide a comprehensive solution for lawn care businesses. With ARMOR, companies can monitor their lawn care equipment and routes, ensuring their machines and personnel are always functioning at peak performance. Predictive maintenance can help reduce costs by preventing costly downtime, which maximizes their efficiency and profitability.
Know when your equipment is in use and how long
Optimize usage routes on campus to achieve efficiency
Notify on maintenance intervals to ensure optimal uptime
ARMOR just launched into the Turf industry. Keep track of your lawn mowers productivity, maintenance schedules and if your mower is removed from your intended location.
ARMOR’s robust capabilities allow construction managers to monitor fleet performance, track assets promptly, optimize routes, and alert operators of potential maintenance issues. ARMOR's exclusive insights boost operational efficiency and reduce costs while helping construction managers stay up to speed on the latest trends and better manage their operations. With ARMOR, construction businesses can stay vital and productive in this ever-changing industry.
Monitor your large machine assets usage patterns
Locate your equipment via GPS
Ensure preventative maintenance interval to prolong life
ARMOR makes any construction site or company more affective. Track where you fleet is, how much it is used, now much down time, if it crashes and when service is needed.
OEM Manufacturing
OEM manufacturers seeking to harness the power of IoT can rely on ARMOR, an incredible asset management telematic device. The ARMOR Fleet Management system aims to provide GPS tracking, usage patterns, and asset analytics to ascertain performance and ensure operational uptime. It provides insight into their assets in the field to help maintain customer satisfaction. Utilize ARMOR to make your machines smarter!
Install ARMOR and market your SMART devices
Integrate with custom I/O to gain operational insights
Alert on maintenance intervals or consumable outages
OEM Manufacturing
ARMOR is making OEM’s equipment smart. Making your equipment of any kind smart is as simple as adding the right connector with 7-70vdc. Snap ARMOR on to your machine and you are now offering smart machines. Track run time, charge time, GPS, Impact and many others things with our multi-channel development capabilities.