Armor 4
Armor 4 Features
“ARMOR™ is a patented telematics device that gives you data on daily run times, charge times, charge cycles, impact notification and much more.” Dedicated secure connection to Verizon’s data network Geolocation supported by Verizon Reliable signal.
Geolocation Support
Geolocation supported by on board GPS module as well as reliable cellular signal - If you can text, it works!
Simple Installing
Simple installation, with custom asset based adapters yield big results at a fraction of competitor pricing
Result At-a-Glance
Set expectations and get results with custom daily email reports, web based analytics dashboards and LoB integrations
Simple Installation
7vdc to 70vdc Operating Voltage
3.5vdc Controlled Power Supply Out
3.5”(Length) 2 3/8”(Width) 0.5” (Height) 
US and Canada Coverage
3.2 Ounces  
12 Pin Connector Multi-Use Cases 
Reliable Signal
Email Push Reports  
Web-Based Dashboard Interface  
Compact IP67 Case